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Monitoring of Torque and Force for Tapping Processes

The DDU sensor system is used with ARTIS CTM, Genior Modular as a stand-alone solution for tapping processes and thread inspection and highly sensitive measuring of torque and feed force on rotating and rigid tools in metalcutting processes.

The DDU sensor system identifies deviations in tapping, drilling or threading processes. It generates alarms in case of broken, missing or worn tools. It provides post-process measurement to ensure the quality of threads (assembly or similar applications).

Contactless measuring of torque and force are integrated into the toolholder. DDU provides exact data for torque and feed force, especially of tapping processes. There are various configurations for the DDU system.

Technical features include:

  • Inductive signal transmission of measuring data and energy supply (no wiring required)
  • Strain gauge sensor technology
  • Three measuring ranges
  • Suitable for retrofit
  • For single or multi-spindle applications.

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