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Fiber Shield Windows Protect and Extend Service Life of Precision Lenses

Mate Fiber Shield Windows protect valuable precision laser optics during beam delivery.

Mate's Fiber Shield Windows are designed to provide maximum protection and increase the lifetime of precision lenses in laser systems. They shield valuable optic components in laser beam delivery systems from debris, fumes and other pollutants during the laser process.

"Mate's Fiber Shield Windows are durable enough to handle the harshest manufacturing environment," said a company spokesperson. "They are made of high quality fused silica to protect Mate's 1 Micron lenses from damaging back spatter and debris. They have tight tolerance surfaces, diameter and edge thickness, with clear apertures for maximum absorption and reflection."

To ensure a quality cut, Mate's Fiber Shield windows have a robust coating that protects against dross, oils and airborne particulates. OEM approved, they are available in diameter sizes from .47 inches to 2.17 inches.

Mate's Fiber Shield Windows and 1 Micron Optics are available for most fiber laser systems including Amada, Bystronic, Cy, Cincinnati, Durma, Ermak, Mitsubishi, Precitec, Prima, Salvagnini and Trumpf.

Mate now offers a complete line of laser accessories for fiber and CO2 laser systems including laser lenses, nozzles and additional accessories.

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