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Drilling System Offers Feedback Technology

M4 Sciences LLC continues its expansion of next generation TriboMAM drilling systems based on Modulation-Assisted Machining (MAM) technology. The new system micro-controller is half the size of the previous generation and features new patented process level feedback technology, such as real time diagnostics and process stability monitoring. "TriboMAM's ability to shorten drill cycles has significantly reduced the cost of manufacturing medical bone screws and instruments, automotive and aerospace engine systems and various industry components," said the company spokesperson. "With over 200 TriboMAM systems operating in 17 countries, TriboMAM technology is finding wide adoption as a solution for drilling difficult materials, drilling deep holes and eliminating expensive cannulated bar requirements."

The company reports TriboMAM advantages including:

  • Drill up to 5x faster in diameters ranging from 0.2 - 12.0 mm
  • Double tool life by improving the effectiveness of cutting fluids
  • Improve surface finish in a range of applications
  • Install easily in just one hour
  • Adapt into existing machines and processes.

For more information contact:

M4 Sciences LLC

Purdue Research Park

1201 Cumberland Ave, Suite A

West Lafayette, IN 47906


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