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Electric Spindle Featuring Automatic Tool Change

The Leonardo electric spindle is the latest innovation from Alberti featuring automatic tool change and speeds up to 60,000 RPM. This system comprises a main tool body with indexing pin, a stop block with cable and a controller unit. The controller unit is completely integrated with the machine controller so that the main functions of the head, for example speed, can be directly controlled from the machine. The electric contacts in the stop block and the indexing pin feature a safety cover and allow electric connections only when the head is loaded into the machine spindle.

"The Leonardo system can achieve a high speed of 60,000 RPM while maintaining the spindle position and accuracy," said a Koma spokesperson. "The stop block is custom made for each machine type so that it fits perfectly. A 32 foot cable is provided to easily connect the stop block to the machine controller. This system can be retrofitted on all machines capable of installing a stop block as well as on brand new machining centers as an add-on option."

Leonardo is particularly suitable for small machining such as drilling, milling, grinding and engraving up to a 6 mm collet.

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