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Precision Ball Screws Reduce Noise in Machine Tool Applications

Steinmeyer, a global manufacturer of precision ground ball screws, has introduced an enhancement to its precision ball screw line. Called Xi-Plus, this line features a smoother raceway surface that achieves significantly quieter operation with reduced vibration in machine tool applications.

Micron-sized peaks on the shaft raceway are what cause that high pitched "whistling" and rough running characteristics common during operation. Xi-Plus screws undergo a proprietary finishing process that removes those micron-sized peaks resulting in reduced audible noise and annoying vibrations.

"The demands for precision and reliability are continually increasing in the machine tool sector," stated Bruce Gretz, Executive Vice President of Steinmeyer, Inc. "With Xi-Plus ball screws our customers are able to meet those demands and improve overall operation with reduced noise and smoother running characteristics."

"Xi-Plus precision ball screws offer dynamic delivery of linear motion at high standards of precision and longevity," said the company spokesperson. "The screws feature shaft diameter between 16-125 mm and all nut styles are available."

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Steinmeyer, Inc.

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