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New Chip Conveyor Filters Coolant to 50 Microns in Less Floor Space

The new LNS SFcompact chip conveyor filters coolant to 50 microns and handles virtually all chip types and sizes, from stringy stainless steel to fine brass and aluminum.

"Unlike other chip conveyors capable of 50 micron filtration, the filtering system is integrated within the rigid frame, so SFcompact requires no more floor space than a typical hinge-belt conveyor and, in most cases, can use the existing coolant tank," said a company spokesperson.

SFcompact's modular construction makes routine maintenance quick and easy, and the patented, self-cleaning dual filters can be taken out, if necessary, in 15 minutes once the chip conveyor is removed.

"Hardened track in the curves, rigid frame construction and other wear-resistant components assure long life and trouble-free operation, making it suitable for machining a wide range of materials, chip sizes and types," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

LNS America, Inc.

4621 East Tech Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45245


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