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Production Ready 3-D Printer

Methods 3D Inc., a subsidiary of Methods Machine Tools Inc., has introduced the 3D Systems' ProX SLS 500 Selective Laser Sintering production 3-D printer featuring fast speeds, high print resolution and an extensive range of engineered composite materials. "The ProX SLS 500 delivers superior parts with high precision, durability and quality, all in a compact production-grade system," said a company spokesperson.

Created for the manufacturing floor, the ProX SLS 500 is the newest generation of SLS printers and is designed to produce smooth surfaces and high resolution thermoplastic parts. Ready-to-use functional parts and complete assemblies make it suitable for producing aerospace, automotive, patient specific medical devices and mobile device cases.

The ProX SLS 500 was developed in tandem with the DuraForm ProX materials line to produce smoother wall surfaces and high print resolution and edge definition, generating injection molding-like part quality.

"The integration of the ProX SLS 500 and DuraForm ProX material yields 80% material reusability, the most economical material utilization available to date," said the spokesperson.

Three DuraForm ProX materials used with the ProX SLS 500 include:

  • DuraForm ProX PA - An extra strong thermoplastic with enhanced mechanical properties and fine surface quality. It is suitable for low-temperature tooling, surgical tooling and saw guides, component housings and manifolds.
  • DuraForm ProX GF - A glass-filled material offering rigidity and stiffness with enhanced tensile, flexural and impact strength with advanced thermal resistance. This material is suitable for jigs, fixtures and tooling applications where demanding performance is required at elevated temperatures.
  • DuraForm ProX HST Composite - A mineral-filled material offering high temperature resistant SLS material with a high strength-to-weight ratio. HST is suitable for lightweight, rigid load bearing parts.

The ProX SLS 500 offers maximum build envelope capacity (XYZ) of 15" (381 mm) x 13" (330 mm) x 18" (460 mm) and is equipped with 3D Systems' latest print driver, automated part nesting on the fly and an optional automated material handling module that streamlines production and recycling of materials to produce optimal products.

"Users can manufacture strong end use parts and functional prototypes faster with the ProX SLS 500. Manufactured parts from the ProX SLS 500 show outstanding resolution, surface finish and edge definition," said Benjamin Fisk, General Manager, Methods 3D. Inc. "The ProX SLS 500 lowers cost of ownership with high throughput, material efficiency and process consistency." Methods 3D has the ProX SLS 500 installed, and applications engineers are ready to work with customers to implement this technology.

For more information contact:

Jamie Hanson

Methods 3D, Inc.

65 Union Avenue

Sudbury, MA 01776


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