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Solid Carbide Drills with Increased Speeds and Feeds

Featuring three cutters, the GARANT MasterSteel FEED solid carbide drill generates up to 50 percent more feed per rotation.

The GARANT MasterSteel SPEED high-performance drill engineered for fast cutting speed when processing steel

On the GARANT MasterSteel FEED solid carbide drill, the self-centering forces act on three cutters instead of just two.

The Hoffmann Group has expanded its GARANT MasterSteel product range with two solid carbide drills. In the summer of 2015, the Hoffmann Group opened up a new performance class for solid carbide milling cutters with its GARANT MasterSteel HPC milling cutter. With the GARANT MasterSteel FEED and SPEED, this has now been extended to include solid carbide drills as well. "Featuring three cutters, the new GARANT MasterSteel FEED generates up to 50 percent more feed per rotation and offers a particularly long tool life, whereas the new GARANT MasterSteel SPEED comes with two cutters and offers high cutting speeds," said a company spokesperson. The two new high-performance drills can be ordered from the Hoffmann Group e-shop at and from the new 2016/2017 catalog.

GARANT MasterSteel FEED and SPEED have been optimized to suit a range of production environments. The three-cutter GARANT MasterSteel FEED reaches its maximum performance on machining centers with a high spindle output and high torque, whereas the GARANT MasterSteel SPEED has been designed for tooling machinery with a low spindle output but a high speed as well as for thin-walled components.

MasterSteel FEED

With its GARANT MasterSteel FEED, the Hoffmann Group has focused on three cutters with a special form, robust cutting edges and a large clearance in the center. The point geometry (for which a patent is pending) reduces the cutting pressure and its 145° point angle is designed for optimized chip flow and controlled chipbreaking. The GARANT MasterSteel FEED is suitable for machining long-chipping materials, despite the comparatively small flutes. The tool is engineered for self-centering because the self-centering forces act on three cutters instead of just two. "Spot drilling can therefore easily be carried out, even on critical and uneven surfaces," said the spokesperson. In order to ensure uniform, controlled wear and a long tool life, the Hoffmann Group has improved the flexural strength and toughness of the solid carbide substrate used. A multi-layer PVD coating has also been applied.

MasterSteel SPEED

The GARANT MasterSteel SPEED solid carbide drill has been designed for extreme cutting speeds and high process temperatures. "Due to a newly developed solid carbide substrate made from ultra-micro-grain together with a newly developed coating, the tool offers impressive durability even under extreme conditions," said the spokesperson. Due to its low thermal conductivity, the coating acts like a heat shield in order to prevent the carbide substrate from weakening. It remains extremely hard, even under very high temperatures. Its slim chisel edge optimizes the self-centering of the drill as the material is cut to almost the very center rather than being merely displaced. The Hoffmann Group has also pulled the guide chamfers forward to be able to create optimal cylindrical bores. As a result, the second guide chamfer assists the drill at an early stage. "The special major cutting edge reduces the cutting forces and guarantees exceptional drilling, even at high cutting speeds, meaning the MasterSteel SPEED can offer an unparalleled metal removal rate together with a long service life," said the spokesperson.

The GARANT MasterSteel FEED is available for diameters of 4 to 20 mm. The GARANT MasterSteel SPEED is available for the range from 2 to 20 mm.

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