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Control Cable with XLPE Insulation

HELUKABEL has introduced its latest cable product offering. The new TRAY X is a NFPA 79-2012 conformant flexible control power cable with cross-linked (thermoset) polyethylene (XLPE) insulation. These tray cables are suitable for all machinery in tool and plant construction, and can be installed in dry, humid and damp environments, in pipes, underground and for open, unprotected installation from the cable rack to industrial plant machinery. They are 600 V and WTTC 1000 V rated allowing them to be used in 1 kV wind turbine cable tray applications. Additionally, it is CE approved for machine builders exporting to Europe.

The XLPE insulation is suited for applications that require long cable runs due to its low capacitance. A higher current load rating is possible due to the conductor temperature resistance of 105 °C. This enables a smaller cross section to be used when designing electrical networks in machines or systems. In addition to the resulting lower costs and use of copper, the much smaller outer diameter offers advantages for installation in tight spaces due to an increase in the cable`s maximum bending radius.

Additional TRAY X specifications:

  • Temperature Range: -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Nominal Voltage: TC - 600V / WTTC - 1000V
  • Min. Bending Radius: 10x the cable O.D.
  • Approvals: UL - TC-ER (AWG 18 and larger), ITC-ER, PLTC-ER (AWG 12 and smaller), Type WTTC (AWG 18 and larger), Type XHHW-2 (AWG 14 and larger) 13, 44, 1202, 1277, 1581, 2277, 2250, AWM 2586 - 105C 600V, NFPA 79 2012, Oil Res I/II, 90 °C dry / wet, Class 1 Div. 2 per NEC Art. 336, 392, 501 / CSA - c(UL) CIC-TC FT4 (AWG 18 and larger) CSA AWM I/II A/B FT4.

The TRAY X is currently available in sizes 20 AWG - 500 kcmil with various conductor configurations. For customers working in facilities where high levels of electromagnetic interference are prevalent, a shielded variant is available upon request.

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