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Flexible Rotary Table for Heavy Loads

The SAUTER RT Mill rotary table series is designed for high-precision positioning of large workpieces.

SAUTER FEINMECHANIK has introduced the new SAUTER RT Mill rotary table series with worm gear to meet the requirements for high-precision positioning of large workpieces. The rotary tables are offered in a standardized size with various configurations.

The RT Mill series rotary tables are designed for positioning workpieces with a diameter of 800 mm to 2,500 mm and a maximum weight of up to 40 t. Within one size, various types of bearings are available for high payload or high-precision applications. The installation space remains identical. As a result, machine manufacturers have more flexibility when designing the rotary axis on the machine tool and can offer customers several options for one machine. RT Mill series rotary tables are available in both a horizontal and a vertical axis of rotation.

All SAUTER rotary tables are standardized with a 10-channel oil distributor to actuate workpiece fixtures. This oil distribution feature enables workpieces with complicated clamping processes, such as truck engine blocks, to be machined efficiently. The worm gears installed are designed so that the rotary tables have a reserve for larger loads and higher mass moments of inertia.

SAUTER's Automatic Pallet Changer (APC) also enables workpieces to be changed automatically: to go with each rotary table, the company offers pallet clamping stations and pallet changing systems to DIN 55201. Non-productive times can thus be reduced to a minimum.

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