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Co-Operation between GEFERTEC and Linde

Process: The 3DMP technology uses wire as original material - the near-net-shaped part is formed welding layer by welding layer.

Part: Near-net-shaped part after 3-D printing.

Machine: GEFERTEC arc605

"Additive manufacturing (AM) is a promising approach for timesaving production of parts in many industry sectors. The new methods are especially interesting for aerospace industries, when expensive materials like titanium are used. GEFERTEC GmbH established the new industrial standard for additive manufacturing - 3DMP. This technology uses electric arc welding and is therefore benefiting from wire as original material. The near-net-shaped part is formed welding layer by welding layer. After 3-D printing, the part can be further machined by conventional milling. For larger parts, this technology is faster and more cost-effective compared to other methods based on powder as original material," said a company spokesperson.

The result of the arc welding process depends on various parameters - especially from the process gas. GEFERTEC GmbH and Linde AG started a joint research project to investigate the influence of the process gas and the oxygen percentage on the 3-D printing process. Another partner in the research project is MT Aerospace AG, which will perform the mechanical tests of the produced parts. The actual 3-D printing will take place at the AM laboratory of Fraunhofer IGCV - the fourth co-operation partner, where GEFERTEC installs the 3-D printing system. Subsequently, the influence of welding parameters and process gas on the parts will be examined. Final goal of the project is the production of lager parts at high production speed made of the titanium alloy Ti6Al4V, which meet the quality requirements of the aerospace industry.

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GEFERTEC offers machines that work with the new industry standard 3DMP. The arc series consist of four different types with maximum part sizes of up to 3 cu.m. A special 3DMP CAM software calculates the data out of the CAD model, which enables the CNC unit to position the welding head with high precision. The machine produces the near-net-shape part fully automatically.

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