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Function Package for Flexible Machine Tending

FlexLoader FP 300 with IRB 1200 robot

ABB's FlexLoader FP 300 is a pre-engineered function package designed to simplify the transition from manual to robotic machine tending. The main benefits are the usability, high availability and small footprint. It replaces manual tending and other feeders when a short cycle time is required. FlexLoader FP 300 is quickly and easily installed or moved. The whole function package, including the robot, is built on a single baseplate and takes up little space.

The built-in vision system, FlexLoader Vision, can handle complex workpieces between 5 mm - 120 mm, with cycle time as short as three seconds depending on geometry. "The simplicity of FlexLoader Vision lets the operator teach-in new workpieces in just a few minutes, while switching between batches is performed even more quickly," said a company spokesperson.

To operate the function package, the operator deposits the workpieces to be processed on a vibrating conveyor belt, which also functions as a buffer. The robot picks a workpiece from the belt and feeds it to one or more processing machines or assembly stations. Due to this, FlexLoader FP 300 can provide unmanned production for long periods of time.

"For integrators, there is no need to spend valuable engineering time to design one-off, customized cells and no need to design a pre-verified, optimal machine tool feeder," said the spokesperson. The function package comes prepared with robot interface, safety functions and ready-to-use RAPID application code.

Included in the FlexLoader FP 300:

  • FlexLoader Vision for machine tool tending
  • Calibration tools
  • A suitable ABB robot depending on payload and reach
  • Integrated robot controller and electrical equipment
  • RAPID code for FlexLoader Vision and FlexLoader FP 300 as well as application code templates.

For more information contact:

ABB Robotics, Inc.

1250 Brown Road

Auburn Hills, MI 48326


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