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3-D Printer for High-Temperature Technopolymers

Roboze Inc. offers the Roboze One + 400, a versatile 3-D printer for high-temperature technopolymers.

"Roboze One + 400 is equipped with a patented beltless linear motion system designed to deliver enhanced accuracy over the traditional axis-motion system that is based on the indirect movement of driving belts," said a company spokesperson. One extruder is capable of exceeding temperatures up to 932 °F, allowing it to print industrial-grade, highly advanced materials such as PEEK and ULTEM AM9085F. It can handle nine different advanced thermoplastic materials and features 25 µm layer accuracy.

The HVP Roboze extruder, designed and produced by Roboze, features an internal channel that accelerates the speed of high viscosity polymers during the extrusion process. "When combined with the right temperatures, it decreases viscosity, controls the swelling phenomenon and increases printing speed for polymers such as PEEK. This results in enhanced engineering plastic print quality and detail, along with exceptional mechanical properties," said the spokesperson.

Roboze One + 400 is equipped with proprietary firmware and electronics designed to enhance mechatronic potential while safely reaching high extrusion temperatures. Machine management is simple and intuitive with the new 5" color touchscreen display.

The 3-D printer features a beltless system. The movement in the X- and Y-axis is provided by helical stainless steel racks and pinions to enhance ease of motion and positioning accuracy. Roboze develops and manufactures the mechanical components of its machines in its manufacturing facility.

The Roboze One + 400 features a total print volume of 300 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm (XYZ).

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