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STEM Robotics Platform for Education and Workforce Development

Yaskawa's STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) Robotics Platform for education, workforce development and industrial robotics certification is designed specifically for classrooms, robotics labs and robotics training centers. Suitable for schools participating in the MERIT certification program, the pre-engineered cart is fully integrated with a suite of industrial grade academic tools including:

  • Web-based curriculum for programming and operation for skill-based robotics education
  • A comprehensive software package with offline modeling and programming tools, enabling accurate 3-D simulation of robot cells
  • A STEM-aligned activity template tailored specifically to a teaching/learning environment.

Material handling and welding platforms are available and include robots that are speed-limited for enhanced student safety. Each platform features robots controlled by a compact controller that requires a standard 110 VAC outlet. Depending on configuration options, various components - such as robotic vision, pneumatic and vacuum grippers, free standing conveyors, air compressor kits, etc. - are provided by Yaskawa Motoman Education Consortium (YMEC) members.

"This suite of fully integrated academic tools addresses a shift toward a more dynamic approach to education," said Bob Graff, Senior Sales Manager of Education at Yaskawa Motoman. "The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the wide use of robotic automation is prompting the need for unique skill sets, and Yaskawa's STEM Robotics Platform supports emerging educational efforts to teach robotics with the same equipment used in factories."

The platform can be purchased as a complete modular package, or components may be purchased individually to build a custom platform. Multiple configurations, including a new fenceless cart option, are available to align with education and training needs in advanced manufacturing and robotics, meeting the requirements of secondary education programs to enable a sustainable workforce.

"Dedicated to delivering real-world industrial experiences in a classroom environment, Yaskawa Motoman's product offerings and partnerships for STEM Education and Workforce Development provide educators and students with the curriculum and training to become proficient in Manufacturing 4.0 technologies," said a company spokesperson.

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