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Economy Metal 3-D Printer with Reference Machining

Machine tool manufacturer Sodick has released the LPM325, an economy-model metal 3-D printer, supplementing its flagship OPM line of hybrid 3-D products. The new LPM325 features enhanced laser speeds and a part density of 99.9% for most ferrous materials. "Moreover, while this model does not have the full machining capability of the premium OPM models, the LPM325 offers reference surface machining capable of improving the resolution of 3-D printed parts and significantly reducing secondary operations. Designed for ease of use and optimal process speeds, the LPM325 is a suitable entry machine for manufacturers seeking to enter the world of metal 3-D printing for the first time," said a company spokesperson.

The LPM325 comes with a number of patented features familiar to Sodick users, including Parallel Mode production capabilities to improve process speeds three times. "Likewise, Sodick's unique in-process stress relief capabilities will also be enabled on the economy LPM325, allowing for improved process accuracy versus competitive DMLS machines," said a company spokesperson. "With a clean, fully-integrated design, the LPM325 has no exterior accessories and streamlines maintenance procedures for hassle-free ownership. Moreover, because reference surface machining is available on the LPM, it is possible to recover from recoater interference that would cripple other laser-only brands, resulting in lower scrap rates and improved ROI."

The LPM325 launches in Q2 2019 and will be available with material handling options, from full automation systems to expanded capacity tanks and more.

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