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Omnidirectional, Mobile Platform

"Bringing the next level of automation to production facilities, the KMP 1500 is an autonomously controlled omnidirectional mobile platform that can independently transport products through all process steps while seamlessly integrating into the production environment," said a KUKA spokesperson. "This production concept from KUKA enables one to optimize their logistics management. The KMP 1500 provides cost-effective support for warehouse organization or between manufacturing processes - and is used only as needed."

Due to the KUKA navigation system, it eliminates the risk of collision and allows for autonomous motion of the mobile platform without artificial markings in the production facilities. The KUKA Sunrise controllers interfaces with all standard robots, allowing for the platform to be extended with any special equipment or sensors.

The KMP 1500 combines precision with simple operator control, utilizing the latest in omnidirectional wheel technology to enable unrestricted motion in any direction. This wheel technology allows for precise positioning with an accuracy of ± 5 mm even in tight spaces. With a payload capacity of up to 1,500 kg, the KMP 1500 safely moves one's products through the entire manufacturing process. It is designed to meet all the required safety standards for autonomous guided vehicles and is also flexible. Integrated laser scanners enable autonomous navigation through a production shop.

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