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Fully Integrated SLS System

Sintratec offers its new 3-D printing system, Sintratec S2, that is built for scalability.

"The Sintratec S2 solution stands out due to its closed-loop workflow," said a company spokesperson. "Users benefit from a complete 3-D printing system covering the entire processes, from printing to post-processing. The system is designed to allow printing almost without interruption. Inserting ready Sintratec Material Units for the next print job takes only a few seconds. Furthermore, a semi-automatic de-powdering system and two additional modules for post-processing (a sand blasting module and a polishing module) help ensure fast finishing work."

The Sintratec S2 is scalable according to the user's needs. Additional modules can be easily integrated. In doing so, the solution can run a variety of materials on a production line at the same time. Users can print both prototypes and also small series.

The Sintratec S2 features a cylindrical printing area, and the ring lamps provide better heat distribution during the printing process. Due to a 4K camera, the printing process can also be monitored in detail. The material handling stations allow for comfortable and efficient unpacking of prints and recycling of printing materials. Easy to access, this module was constructed to be operated at the user's arm level. The intelligent powder recycling concept also increases economic efficiency.

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