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RSXpress Service Increases Machine Safety Assessment Proposal Speed

Rockford Systems has announced its new RSXpress fully-automated machine safety assessment service. "The new service integrates Rockford System's surveying expertise with a proprietary, cloud-based digital platform, allowing the company to generate risk assessment and machine survey proposals up to 50% faster than legacy methods," said a company spokesperson.

"It is important to note that while RSXpress delivers a final proposal to the customer faster, there is no compromising in the thorough inspection methods Rockford Systems applies to its risk assessments and machine surveys," said Matt Brenner, VP of Sales for Rockford Systems. "Because the recording is electronic, however, a proposal can be generated much faster and in a mobile-friendly PDF format. In some cases, generating a proposal while still on the plant floor is even possible."

"The machine safety sector has lagged behind other industries in terms of technology adoption, with most machine surveys still being conducted today using a hand-written checklist and relying solely on the timing of the surveyor," said the spokesperson. "In fact, during a typical safeguarding project it may take upwards of a month or more before a report/proposal is generated detailing how a plant can update its machinery to current OSHA and ANSI safety standards," said the spokesperson.

RSXpress is designed to meet the needs of today's "always on" plant safety and operations managers and to deliver the sort of timely, high-quality service experience that they expect in the digital age.

"We asked our customers for input on their machine safety work with Rockford Systems," said Carrie Halle, Vice President of Marketing at Rockford Systems. "Customers respect and appreciate our high-quality risk assessments and machine surveys but wanted the safeguarding proposals to arrive faster, oftentimes in response to a critical situation in the plant. We listened and responded with RSXpress, which delivers our best-in-class survey expertise with much faster speed to proposal. RSXpress is another way that Rockford Systems delivers on being a trusted safeguarding partner to industry."

Equipped with Microsoft Surface Pro tablets loaded with the company's proprietary RSXpress software, Rockford Systems personnel can now enter survey data for each machine on the plant floor, identify safeguarding compliance issues and cite the applicable standard, take photographs of all the machines and hazards and prescribe the best possible safeguarding solution set to reduce risk at the plant level. Proposals are customized with engineered solutions to bring machinery into compliance with the OSHA regulations and ANSI B11 series standards.

All RSXpress report/proposals are emailed to the customer in PDF format making it easy to share with colleagues and cultivate a more collaborative working environment.

Call or email to arrange for an RSXpress survey of your plant or shop.

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