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European Built Mid-Size Lathes

Toolmex Lathes, the exclusive USA importer for TUR European built lathes, has announced the newest generation of mid-size TUR European built lathes, models TUR800SMN, TUR930SMN, TUR1100SMN and TUR1200SMN.

All feature the heavier "solid" floor to front V-way bed, plus more choices of the following:

  • Turning diameters: 31" - 47" over bed
  • Length between centers: 78" - 550" bc
  • Load capacities: 9,000 - 16,000 lbs. bc
  • Spindle bores: 5"-17".

"The new `solid' bed design still includes TRI-V ways, a superior design considered the best in class for flat bed lathes and Z-axis (longitudinal) movements," said a company spokesperson. "The new solid bed increases rigidity for improved performance. TUR TRI-V beds have two full matched V-ways, front and rear supporting the saddle. Other flat bed lathes commonly have only one front V and rear flat way. Additionally, most beds sit on legs as compared to TUR-SMN `solid' support. Historically, TRI-V ways were on the best American flat bed lathes to increase accuracy, reduce vibration and extend the service life of the lathe."

Key TUR-SMN Solid bed TRI-V bed features and benefits:

  • Heavy full-length low profile bed supports the lathe to the foundation; 37" x 157" bc weighs approximately 31,000 lbs.
  • Increased rigidity and heavier load capacity options
  • Improved operator access to work and tooling: faster set-ups, easier loading and unloading
  • The optional TUR-4SMN series offers the `solid' and four way/three shear bed version for turn through steadies machining
  • Increased support of carriage with four way surfaces (compared to the standard three)
  • Self honing effect with dual V's for Z-axis movements (longer service life)
  • Eliminates fish tailing in +/-Z traverse (tighter tolerances when boring and turning)
  • TUR-SMN beds are built extra wide: 24.5" (two way bed) and 41.3" (four way/three shear bed)
  • TUR-SMN matched front and rear V ways are massive, increasing contact, stability and performance.

Toolmex European TUR-MN/CNC lathes are designed for demanding industry applications including power generation, transportation, machinery manufacturing, print, oil and gas, foundry, agriculture, steel and mining.

For more information contact:

Tom Kob

Toolmex Lathes

2015 South Mitchell Blvd.

Schaumburg, IL 60193-4543


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