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Automatic Sawing Solution

Cosen's AV-2026NC bandsaw will be featured at FABTECH. It combines Cosen's vertical tilt frame saw with its Mechalogix software and an automated feeder for a fully automatic system. "The end result is an advanced saw that allows operators to push a button and walk away until the job is completed," said a company spokesperson.

The operator can choose from a number of cut configurations on the easy to use touchscreen and the saw takes care of the rest. "Any manufacturer that is making angle cuts on structural material would benefit from incorporating the AV-2026NC in its shop. A typical user of the AV-2026NC produces trailers, cell phone towers, oil derricks, conveyors or roller tables," said the spokesperson. It is designed to provide a lot of capacity in a relatively small 180" long by 135" wide footprint. It has a max capacity of 20" x 26" at 90°.

The automatic saw is suited for manufacturers who have more complex angles to cut either on the front end, the back end or both. It is capable of making a bull nose angle cut, which manufacturers often use to make bracing parts. The saw is also capable of making opposing angles, parallelograms, polygons and straight cuts.

The saw feeds up to 59" per single shuttle that can be programmed to index up to 999" of material. "With the machine's tight tolerance and repeatability, it will save manufacturers time and money in terms of tooling costs and additional machining time," said the spokesperson. "If any of the manufacturing steps involve robotic welders, then the cut parts need to be exact".

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Cosen Saws USA

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FABTECH Booth A4455

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