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Microgage Systems Combine into One Portable Product

Pinpoint Laser Systems' line of Microgage systems combine key alignment and measurement features and capabilities into one portable, easy to use, product for a variety of industries, including: aerospace, aircraft, healthcare, machine shops, paper and textile mills, shipbuilding facilities, extrusion plants, electronic assembly facilities and more.

Microgage systems operate with three primary components: a laser transmitter; digital receiver; and a display unit. "Internally, the alignment systems utilize precision lasers and innovative optical technologies, which provides more accurate data compared to traditional, low-tech modes of alignment or measurement," said a company spokesperson

The readouts produced from the Microgage systems are translated into actionable tasks, such as making minor adjustments, ensuring the proper maintenance of manufacturing machinery and equipment. "In doing so, manufacturers and other machine operators take a proactive approach to prolonging the life of their equipment, improving manufacturing quality as well as improving overall equipment performance," said the spokesperson.

Microgage systems are designed to not only simplify the task of aligning or measuring machinery and equipment, but to also eliminate the need to hire outside contractors to perform these necessary maintenance evaluations. This further expedites machinery maintenance, which means shorter downtimes for manufacturers and machinery operators.

"Maintaining and optimizing manufacturing lines and equipment is a necessity today. Precision-based laser measuring systems are a key part of machinery maintenance and upkeep," said Mory Creighton, CEO of Pinpoint Laser Systems.

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