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CNC ATM with FANUC CNC Control

ACER Group has released the ACER CNC ATM Bed-mill with FANUC OiMate-MD Control. It is offered in two models: 10" x 50" and 10" x 54" table size.

Features of the ACER CNC ATM Bed-mill include an E-mill head, 5 HP inverter, variable speed 0-4,500 RPM to maintain set speed and the machine can run in both three and single phase. The machine is HRC 52° hardened and ground way and table.

The FANUC OiMate-MD CNC control is included. The control features a full-color LCD display, 3-D contouring capabilities and standard menus. "The control can run complex CAD/CAM programs as well as G, M code," said a company spokesperson.

The ACER CNC ATM Bed-mill features large XYZ travels of 28" (32") x 20" x 21" and is designed to offer extra Y-travel for large parts and efficient machine set-up. Spindle center to column face is 24" and provides small footprint with large machining capability. Spindle allows machining of taller parts. The machine is designed with 4,600 lbs. certified Meehanite casting. "Heaviest in its class, it is designed to provide superior stability and damping, which allows heavy machining," said the spokesperson.

ACER CNC ATM Bed-mill is designed to be easy to learn and operate and to provide a transition from manual with hand wheel to CNC operation.

For more information contact:

ACER/Springwood Industrial, Inc.

2320 E Valencia Dr

Fullerton, CA 92831


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