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Three Y-Axis Multitasking Machine

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a supplier of innovative precision machine tools and automation, has introduced a unique three turret, three Y-axis multitasking machine, the new Nakamura-Tome NTY3-150. This high precision, high-performance multitasking machine with overlapping crossover stroke takes stock to parts in one cycle.

The NTY3-150 is equipped with three Y-axis turrets, featuring 72 indexable turret positions with 36 live tool pockets. In addition to the advantages of simultaneous machining on the left- and right-hand spindles, introducing the Y-axis on all three turrets further increases productivity.

And, by using Y-axis movement for simultaneous machining with the upper and lower turrets, machining process layout can be fully optimized and cycle time reduced. The live tools on this machine are driven by a robust 7.5 HP / 6,000 RPM driven tool spindle.

The NTY3-150 is equipped with twin 8" A2-6 20 HP spindles with 2.5" (65 mm) left bar capacity and 2.0" (51 mm) right bar capacity, and a maximum turning diameter of 8.85" (225 mm). With an ergonomic 60° slant bed and a long 38.2" (970 mm) distance between spindles, the NTY3-150 is designed to reduce, and potentially eliminate, any interference of tooling during multitasking. With a compact footprint of only 91 sq. ft. (8.46 sq. meters) of floor space, the machine weighs in at 22,255 lbs.

"The Super NTY3-150 is a high performance, multitasking turning center that is at the cutting edge where technology meets productivity," said Richard Parenteau, Director of Application Development/Nakamura-Tome at Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

Powered by FANUC 31i-B control, the NTY3-150 utilizes the Nakamura Tome (NT) Smart X user interface. NT Smart X is an advanced production system that runs on a windows platform and provides user optimization via a large 19" color LCD touchscreen.

This PC based front end opens up a world of advanced opportunities with access to Big Data, Industry 4.0 and internet of things (IOT). Cumulatively these technologies make it possible to capture, store and analyze manufacturing data, providing connectivity online and via automation and data exchange. IOT cloud computing creates an environment that can be called a true smart manufacturing experience.

The new NT Smart X Operation software provides display screens for manufacturing functions including machine status, set-up, turret status and load status. Each screen displays easy to understand visual representations of specific data. For example, the machine status screen displays spindle status, tools spindle RPM, waiting tools and spindle RPM, while the set-up screen displays NC status, tool counter, tool life, load monitor and even geometry / wear offsets with tooling information for simulation.

This user-friendly system not only addresses set-up and operation, but also productivity and troubleshooting. Screens for loading device settings, parts catchers and productivity functions display status and production rate, where each operator's productivity can be checked individually. The trouble guidance screen provides for quick troubleshooting with individual alarms displayed for machine, NT nurse, NC, gantry loader / parts catcher (GR/PC) and macros.

The NTY3-150 offers a collision guard screen to avoid machine collision. Collisions often occur after program or tool geometry modification, but can be prevented. NT Collision Guard uses machine and tooling data to identify possible collisions before they happen. Voice guidance, production management and 3-D collision check are all furnished standard. If a collision should occur, the Nakamura Tome proprietary airbag function is deployed. In less than 4 milliseconds the feeding servomotor is stopped and reversed. This innovative technology is creating a new industry standard, as the overload detection system will reduce the impact to tooling, parts and fixtures and prevent heavy machine damage. This safety feature is standard on all Nakamura Tome lathes.

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