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Weld Dissimilar Materials and Eliminate Post-Weld Inspection Processing

"Coldwater Machine Company will promote its automated SpinMeld friction spin welding (FSW) system, a solid state joining technology for steels, aluminum, cast or sintered metals, carbide materials, magnesium, nickel, molybdenum and other exotic materials that normally may not be welded using other methods," said a company spokesperson. The SpinMeld process is servo controlled with a high-speed spindle bringing critical parameters under control with in-process monitoring to improve part quality and eliminate post weld inspection.

SpinMeld systems are available with automatic parts handling and inspection, or as stand-alone units or may be integrated into a turn-key solution. Each machine is designed to fit the individual application, with parameters such as rotational speed, cycle time and forging force fully customizable.

SpinMeld can lower the cost to manufacture a wide range of applications where a high strength, non-porous joint is needed. "Because the process is very fast, with weld times typically under 3 seconds, it is often possible to replace other processes including arc, resistance and projection welding with better results," added the spokesperson. "The chief advantage of SpinMeld is the ability to produce an enhanced joint on a wide variety of materials without altering the crystalline structure of the base materials and so the joint strength is very high and the heat affect zone small."

SpinMeld is well-suited for bar stock and tubes, rods, cylinders, fasteners, studs, nuts and fittings on various parts, as well as drills rods and hand tools with carbide inserts, heat sinks, air bag inflators, electrodes and virtually any shafted components.

Given this wide variety of potential applications, Coldwater Machine has a friction welding lab to support product development and weld studies to allow users to investigate new approaches to joining materials.

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