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Heavy Duty CNC Bed Mill with Two Spindles, Vertical and Horizontal

Sharp Industries, Inc. of Torrance, CA, has introduced a series of Heavy Duty CNC Bed Mills with two spindles that can do vertical and horizontal machining on the same machine. Besides the regular vertical spindle, the machine head also has a horizontal spindle at the front that allows all the milling and drilling jobs to be done on one set-up. With such design, the operator no longer has to move the workpiece from one machine to another, to clamp and re-clamp, or to realign the workpiece. With one set-up, the accuracy of the workpiece can be maintained.

Equipped with the optional rotary table, the machine can perform five sided machining in one set-up, increasing efficiency and reducing spindle idling time.

The series comes in four different sizes, with X and Y axes travel ranging from 51" x 33" to 78" x 47", and Z travel ranging from 21" to 39". FANUC Oi-MF is used for the control. The head is equipped with hi/low gear, and the #50 taper spindle has motor range from 15 HP to 25 HP. Machine weight is up to 33,000 lbs.

For more information contact:

Joe Bockrath

National Sales Manager

Sharp Industries, Inc.

3501 Challenger Street

Torrance, CA 90503


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