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Hobbing, Shaping and Deburring Features

Koepfer Vektor Control: Design concept image for multiple gear cutting app.

Koepfer America will showcase its latest gearmaking technology machines, tools and services at Gear Expo 2017, October 24-26, including three important features for hobbing, shaping and deburring.

The Koepfer Model 200 CNC gear hobbing machine features a redesigned control interface. This new Vektor control ushers in the latest generation of Koepfer's user-friendly control concept. It optimizes functionality by using a minimum number of control elements. Instead of a fixed menu structure, the Vektor control's adjustable apps make operation more intuitive. The control panel interface is 50% larger compared to the previous generation, and the panel has complete touch and swipe technology. The front panel is also flush and sealed, allowing for effortless cleaning. Other updates with the Vektor control include a compact design, integrated NC and PLC and a USB interface for data backup and easy updates.

The Tecnomacchine (TM) 200 R3 gear deburring machins is new to the North American market. The deburring concept uses five workstations that produce a fully deburred and brushed part in approximately 25 seconds. CNC workstations also allow automatic tool wear compensation. "What makes the TM 200 R3 stand apart from yesterday's deburring machines is its CNC automatic loading and unloading system," said the spokesperson. The TM 200 R3 features two rotary magazines, each comprising eight adjustable turrets, making this a versatile, flexible deburring solution for job shops with parts up to 200 mm (7.874").

The CLC 200-SZC CNC gear shaping machine features robust components, such as direct drive torque motors, for maximum quality and machine life. This show machine will feature CNC cutter relief, crowning and taper. Traditionally, these CNC features have limited stroking speeds; however, a new design concept from CLC provides both CNC cutter control as well as mechanical control. This allows up to 2,000 strokes per minute. No longer must gear manufacturers choose between flexibility or speed. This machine will also feature on-board robotic loading and unloading with Koepfer-style gravity and conveyor parts magazines.

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