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August 2016

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5-axis Precision Machining
High Precision Machining Technology
End-Machining Center and Automatic Sawing Machine
Advanced Manufacturing with Gear Hobbing and Grinding
Eleven Machines to be Displayed
Precision Machining Center
Rotary Tables Machine Loading Systems
Gundrilling Improves Heat Dissipation in Engine Valve Manufacturing
Horizontal Boring Milling Machines and Machining Centers
Innovative Technologies at IMTS 2016
New Machine Tool Technology and Over 20 Machines Demonstrated
Collets and Guide Bushings
Automation Options for Mill-Turn Centers
VMC for Small to Medium Parts
Automation Systems Featured
Medium-Size Overhead Gantry Milling Center
High-Speed Milling Machine Controls and Milling Heads Featured
Horizontal Boring Mills for Job Shops
Turning Center and VMC to be Featured
Auto-Loading CNC Lathe
Range of Advanced EDM and Machining Technologies
5-Axis Machining and Automation
42 MM Swiss-Type Machine
Turning Milling Grinding and Workholding to be Featured
5-Axis Machining Options
3-D Print Head Adapter for CNC Machines
MillTurn Machining Center Designed for Precision
11-Axis Automatic Lathe and Turn-Mill with Bevel Gear Capability
Heavy-Duty Long Bed Lathes
Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center
Rotary Tables Angle Heads and More on Display
Redesigned OilCoolant Mist Collector
Machine Tools Running Live Demonstrations
Adaptive Automation Solutions
Machines for Increased Production to be Showcased
Machinery and Automation Systems Demonstrated
3-D Printing Automation and More to be Demonstrated
Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer for 5-Axis and Standard VMCs
Gantry Style 5-Axis VMC
Hybrid AdditiveSubtractive Machining System
Knee-Type Multi-Spindle Gundrilling Machine
Automation Technologies to be Featured
Portable VMC for Second Operations
10-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe
High Precision CNC Machine Debut
5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center
Swiss Type CNC Machines Featured
Intelligent Toolholder and End Mill Assemblies
Variety of Machine Tools to be Featured
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New Machine Tool Technology and Over 20 Machines Demonstrated

Doosan Machine Tools America will conduct demonstrations of its latest vertical machining centers (VMC), horizontal machining centers (HMC), turning centers, mill-turn centers and pallet systems.

The Lynx 2100 series of high productivity turning centers has evolved from its Lynx 220 series. An "M" version in the series offers milling capabilities and accuracy and productivity that one set-up machining provides. It is a compact package built for machining valves, shafts, gears, flanges, housings, bolts and other metal parts up to a maximum turning diameter of 350 mm (13.8") and length of 550 mm (21.7).

Offering a large work area, the Lynx 2100 series also includes a wider support structure for X and Z axes and tailstock traverse. The X and Z axes are fitted with highly rigid roller-type guideways. The Lynx 2100's 15 kW (20 HP) motor provides ample power for turning outer and inner surfaces and U-drilling. The high power / high torque 6,000 RPM turning spindle (with 6" chuck) 169 Nm (8" chuck) (124.7 ft-lbs.) motor supports high precision and heavy-duty cutting. The sub-spindle function, also 6,000 RPM, enables back-end machining of the workpiece. Full C-axis 0.001° control is included to optimize the capabilities of the machine. The M model is fitted with Doosan's BMT 45P 12-station turret to provide enhanced performance for milling operations. The turret uses an air/oil cooling system to minimize negative thermal effects.

Doosan has evolved its DNM series of VMCs and will demonstrate them at IMTS 2016. Ron Kilgore, Doosan's General Manager - Inside Sales, said, "The new series is the third generation of this particular VMC line. We have stepped up the speed with faster spindle acceleration and deceleration rates. We have also upgraded the Doosan FANUC OiMF control, which can provide quicker processing speed. Rigid roller guideways and a new grease-based lubrication system that requires a refill only every three to six months cut down on a customer's time and expenses and also improves the factory environment and disposal issues. We also have applied a cyclone coolant filter, which eliminates changing the conventional bag-type. The new DNM VMCs are general purpose, workhorse machines for customers who need robust and accurate performance."

The new DNM series is comprised of three machines, the DNM 4500, 5700 and 6700, stepped up in size and capacity. "In general the series offers larger cutting space by 6%, bigger table sizes by 14% and heavier loads by 25% while maintaining the same overall footprint as the previous generation," said a company spokesperson. For the three models, the X-axis travel is 800 mm (31.5"), 1,050 mm (41.3") and 1,300 mm (51"). Y-axis is 450 mm (17.7"), 570 mm (22.4") and 670 mm (26.4"). Z-axis is 510 mm (20"), 510 mm (20") and 625 mm (24.6").

The recently introduced PUMA VTR1216 wide column, ram-type vertical turning center will also be displayed. The series is comprised of the PUMA VTR1216 and the PUMA VTR1216M, which is equipped with an additional spindle for milling, providing efficient mill-turn capabilities on one machine tool platform. Both machines offer a number of productivity enhancing features. The one-piece bed with dual chip conveyers helps improve chip handling and reduce downtime for manual chip removal. Up to four tools can be mounted in quad holders that can be integrated into the tool magazines with capacities available from 12 to 34 stations, increasing the number of total tools for automatic selection and reducing the tool change time while improving productivity. "Main table speeds of 60 HP - 400 RPM and live spindle speeds of 20 HP - 3,000 RPM (VTR1216M) offer the power and speeds needed to fully take advantage of today's cutting tool technology," said the spokesperson.

Bob Baldizzi, Technical Sales Specialist for Doosan's large machines, said, "IMTS attendees will want to see the new Pumas because they are vertical turning centers with a turning tool indexing system. The system provides 90° indexing on turning tools, making it possible to mount four different turning tools on each holder. The result is reduced average tool change times and increased tool capacity resulting in shorter cycle times and fewer set-ups between operations."

The single wide column design provides full X-axis travel distances, allowing machining and probing on both sides of the workpiece and a 1,200 mm (47.2") Z-axis travel. Both machines in the series provide a cutting capacity of 1,700 mm (67") in diameter and 1,250 mm (49.2") in height. The cutting envelope is 125% larger than its predecessor.

Both models are built to offer heavy roughing and accurate finishing. The VTR 1216 and VTR 1216M are designed and built with long service life in mind with 17,600 lbs. (8,000 kgf) load capacity main tables, cross roller bearings, a curvic coupling tool holder interface providing 17,600 lbs. (8,000 kgf) of tool clamping force, a dual pinion C-axis (VTR1216M) and rigid construction design and materials.

Doosan will also show several automation options in its line, such as the various pallet systems that can be integrated with its machining centers. Slated for IMTS 2016 is the company's LPSII linear pallet system, which will be fully functioning with its high performance HP 5100II HMC.

"We classify this system as `compact' with a 12-pallet capacity serving one machine," said Jim Im, Doosan's Engineering Manager - Machining Centers. "We offer more extensive systems - some with up to 72 pallets. We designed the LPSII compact system with floor space concerns in mind."

Workpieces sizes up to 800 mm in diameter x 900 mm high (31.4" x 35.4") can be accommodated on each pallet and with weights up to 500 kg (1,102.5 lbs.).

For more information contact:

Rosemary Carvalho, Marketing

Doosan Machine Tools America Corp.

19A Chapin Road

Pine Brook, NJ 07058


IMTS 2016 Booth S-9100

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