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August 2016

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5-axis Precision Machining
High Precision Machining Technology
End-Machining Center and Automatic Sawing Machine
Advanced Manufacturing with Gear Hobbing and Grinding
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Rotary Tables Machine Loading Systems
Gundrilling Improves Heat Dissipation in Engine Valve Manufacturing
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Innovative Technologies at IMTS 2016
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Medium-Size Overhead Gantry Milling Center
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Horizontal Boring Mills for Job Shops
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Range of Advanced EDM and Machining Technologies
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5-Axis Machining Options
3-D Print Head Adapter for CNC Machines
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11-Axis Automatic Lathe and Turn-Mill with Bevel Gear Capability
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Adaptive Automation Solutions
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Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer for 5-Axis and Standard VMCs
Gantry Style 5-Axis VMC
Hybrid AdditiveSubtractive Machining System
Knee-Type Multi-Spindle Gundrilling Machine
Automation Technologies to be Featured
Portable VMC for Second Operations
10-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe
High Precision CNC Machine Debut
5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center
Swiss Type CNC Machines Featured
Intelligent Toolholder and End Mill Assemblies
Variety of Machine Tools to be Featured
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Portable VMC for Second Operations

Southwestern Industries will feature its TRAK 2OP portable VMC at this year's IMTS show. Designed for second operation machining, TRAK 2OP can streamline a shop's workflow by bringing an additional spindle to an operator idled by the cycle time of his or her primary machine. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine when applicable.

TRAK 2OP utilizes ProtoTRAK CNC technology with conversational language programming. Programs can be generated either at the machine or remotely to perform tasks normally associated with second operation machining including: drilling, tapping, countersinking, face milling and the machining of profiles, pockets and bolt hole patterns.

Other TRAK 2OP standard features include an eight-station tool changer that can eliminate the need for manual tool changes, built-in Jergens ball locks that facilitate quick changeovers and a pallet jack. The latter is designed to allow a person to move the compact (2.5' x 4' footprint) TRAK 2OP to any desired shop location within minutes to improve workflow.

For example, a TRAK 2OP can be placed near a primary machine that is performing both primary and secondary operation machining. Once the TRAK 2OP is in place, the primary machine can be re-purposed to perform the primary operation while the TRAK 2OP can be dedicated to perform the less time-consuming and less complex secondary operation. The operator who had been running the primary machine and had been idled by its long cycle time can be re-tasked with running both machines.

The benefits provided by these workflow changes include: 1) they reduce expensive operator idle time as it is now consumed by the running of an additional machine - TRAK 2OP increases the ratio of spindle minutes/labor minutes, 2) they reduce part cycle times as the secondary operation may now be done within the cycle time of the primary operation and 3) the arrangement is flexible and can be modified if and when the TRAK 2OP needs to be moved to another location.

In another scenario, a TRAK 2OP can improve workflow by being moved to an area where the primary operation is accomplished by batch processing on a turning center and the secondary operation is accomplished by batch processing on a manual mill. Once the TRAK 2OP has been placed near the turning center, the operator who had been idled by the turning center's cycle time can be re-tasked with running both machines (turning center primary operation/TRAK 2OP secondary operation).

For more information contact:

Bruce Meredith, Marketing

Southwestern Industries, Inc.

2615 Homestead Place

Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

310-608-4422 / 800-421-6875

IMTS 2016 Booth S-8032

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