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August 2016

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5-axis Precision Machining
High Precision Machining Technology
End-Machining Center and Automatic Sawing Machine
Advanced Manufacturing with Gear Hobbing and Grinding
Eleven Machines to be Displayed
Precision Machining Center
Rotary Tables Machine Loading Systems
Gundrilling Improves Heat Dissipation in Engine Valve Manufacturing
Horizontal Boring Milling Machines and Machining Centers
Innovative Technologies at IMTS 2016
New Machine Tool Technology and Over 20 Machines Demonstrated
Collets and Guide Bushings
Automation Options for Mill-Turn Centers
VMC for Small to Medium Parts
Automation Systems Featured
Medium-Size Overhead Gantry Milling Center
High-Speed Milling Machine Controls and Milling Heads Featured
Horizontal Boring Mills for Job Shops
Turning Center and VMC to be Featured
Auto-Loading CNC Lathe
Range of Advanced EDM and Machining Technologies
5-Axis Machining and Automation
42 MM Swiss-Type Machine
Turning Milling Grinding and Workholding to be Featured
5-Axis Machining Options
3-D Print Head Adapter for CNC Machines
MillTurn Machining Center Designed for Precision
11-Axis Automatic Lathe and Turn-Mill with Bevel Gear Capability
Heavy-Duty Long Bed Lathes
Multitasking Horizontal Machining Center
Rotary Tables Angle Heads and More on Display
Redesigned OilCoolant Mist Collector
Machine Tools Running Live Demonstrations
Adaptive Automation Solutions
Machines for Increased Production to be Showcased
Machinery and Automation Systems Demonstrated
3-D Printing Automation and More to be Demonstrated
Automatic Multi-Pallet Changer for 5-Axis and Standard VMCs
Gantry Style 5-Axis VMC
Hybrid AdditiveSubtractive Machining System
Knee-Type Multi-Spindle Gundrilling Machine
Automation Technologies to be Featured
Portable VMC for Second Operations
10-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe
High Precision CNC Machine Debut
5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center
Swiss Type CNC Machines Featured
Intelligent Toolholder and End Mill Assemblies
Variety of Machine Tools to be Featured
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High Precision Machining Technology

Absolute Machine Tools will feature a variety of technologies, including: the Tongtai ultrasonic iVU-5 assisted machining center; the Tongtai iTD-2000YBC multitasking Y-axis turning center with special bar feeder package; the Tongtai MT series lathe with twin spindles; the Johnford AHC-1600 moving column combination table-type HMC; the You Ji 5-axis vertical mill/turn multitasking machine; and the AccuteX GE (Great Economy) wire EDM.

Ultrasonic iVU-5 Assisted Machining Center

Tongtai's new iVU-5 is a rotary-type ultrasonic assisted machining center that operates as a dual function vertical machining center (VMC) combined with rotary ultrasonic assisted machining of advanced materials. Typical applications include microhole drilling and machining of glass, sapphire, silicon carbide, quartz, ceramic, hardened steel, high nickel alloys and non-ferrous materials. Any material that is softer than the cutting tool can be ultrasonic-assisted.

Rotary ultrasonic machining combines high-speed spindle rotation with high frequency vertical vibration of the cutting tool. "The diamond tool impacts the material with high contact speed, reducing cutting force and producing ultra-fine finishes while improving cutting efficiency 3-5x faster than conventional machining," said a company spokesperson.

The Tongtai iVU offers XYZ axes travels of 500 mm (20") x 400 mm (15.7") x 350 mm (13.8"). It features a Meehanite cast iron frame and roller type linear slideways. The 25 mm (1") diameter ball screws are class 3 with a double nut pre-loaded design, allowing a standard rapid traverse rate of 1,890 IPM in all axes with acceleration of 1.2 G. The iVU-5 is equipped with a 30-tool arm type automatic tool changing (ATC) system. The high-speed arm type ATC changes tools in 0.8 seconds and 1.3 seconds chip-to-chip. The 3 HP, 20,000 RPM direct drive spindle comes standard in dual contact BIG Plus 30 taper (BBT-30). A spindle chiller is standard.

For ultrasonic operation, the Tongtai iVU-5 comes standard with automatic frequency search and lock via M-codes. The auto tuning range is 15-45 kHz. Amplitude range is 1-10 microns.

The 3-axis machine is equipped with a Siemens 828D control with 10.4" TFT with ShopMill and Advanced Surface. The 5-axis version is equipped with Siemens 840D control with 17" IPC, the Sinumerik MDynamics Technology package for 5-axis milling and ShopMill.

Tongtai iTD-2000YBC Multitasking Y-Axis Turning Center

Tongtai's new iTD-2000YBC is an advanced, high-precision CNC turning center cast from Meehanite iron. This machine features a rigid and ergonomic 75° bed design for enhanced chip flow and operator accessibility. The 75° bed also simplifies the programming of the optional Y-axis since the Y-axis is perpendicular to the X-axis like a VMC. High rapid traverse rates using 45 mm roller type linear ways are also achieved to reduce non-cutting time.

X-axis cross travel is 9.05", Z-axis longitudinal travel is 23.6", B-axis sub-spindle travel is 24.8" and optional Y-axis travel is +/-2" from the centerline. The main spindle is driven by a 20 HP, high torque motor that provides power and fast acceleration at 4,500 RPM. The 5,000 RPM sub-spindle is driven by a 10 HP high torque integral motor spindle. The spindles are synchronized on-the-fly for part transfer to the sub-spindle. Rapid traverse feedrate for XZB-axis is 1,181"/min. and 590"/min. on Y. Standard equipment includes a tool setter and chip conveyor.

A 12-station bi-directional servo BMT-65 (16 station BMT-55 optional) turret provides 0.3 second indexing and coolant through the toolholders. A full C-axis with live tools is standard for milling operations on both the main sub-spindles. The true linear Y-axis provides turret movement perpendicular to the X-axis for complex off-center milling functions and easy programming. The FANUC OiT-F CNC control is standard and fully loaded with operator-friendly features including Manual Guide i Conversational.

Tongtai MT Series Lathes with Twin Spindles

Tongtai's newest MT series lathes were developed for improving cycle times and turning processes for the automotive industry where small parts are typically made within 60 seconds.

The MT Series has twin spindles and two individual machining areas. The turrets and spindles are designed parallel to each other. It is engineered for parts that need two processes to be finished on one machine. With the addition of a gantry-type robot, utilization of floor space increases while labor costs decrease. Depending on cycle time, single robot arm/single stocker and twin robot arms/twin stockers for high production chucking work are both available on the MS/MT series CNC lathes. These lathes come equipped with either 6" or 8" chucks on spindles that rotate at 6,000/4,500 RPM. The MT control offers a robot teaching function so the operator can adjust positioning. The function coordinates the robot arm, on-screen positioning diagram, input coordinates, number and names of positions, three axes settings and single axis settings.

The work area on the main structure of the lathes has two individual working areas with separate bed structure. This design decreases the transferring of harmonic vibration for improved machining accuracy and surface finishes. The compact structure allows for a short cutting flow from start to finish, which enhances machining rigidity and heavy cutting ability. Maximum swing diameter is 210 mm with a machining diameter of 210 mm or 120 mm (with robotic arm), and machining length of 145 mm or 100 mm (with robotic arm).

The MT series lathes are equipped with workpiece positioning protection to ensure sealing between the workpiece surface and chuck. Pneumatic pressure leaks can be detected, and if this occurs, the robot arm will reload the workpiece. A gantry type robotic arm is able to process 3-axis movement and is driven by a servomotor. The programmable arm allows the operator to adjust positioning points and moving routes. Rapid traverse for the robotic arm is 160 m/minute in X, 120 m/minute in Y and 35 m/minute in Z. The rotary axis moves at 180° in one second.

The pallet stocker comes in three types: three poles and a center, three poles and central pole type. The number of pallets ranges from 10, 14 and 16 with allowable part diameters at o30 mm through o150 mm.

The MT series comes standard with coolant through the spindle, A2-5 or A2-6 spindle nose, 0.001" indexing increments, 4,500 RPM or 6,000 optional. Cutting feedrates are 0.001-5,000 mm/minute.

Johnford AHC-1600 Moving Column Combination Table-Type HMC

Johnford's recently introduced AHC-1600 HMC is suitable for a variety of applications in many industries, particularly aerospace.

The HMC features a combination 63" x 32" flat table with an 800 mm full B-axis built-in rotary table. With standard accessories, this rigid 35 HP HMC weighs in at 44,000 lbs. of Meehanite cast iron. The machine design features a moving column for the Z-axis and a moving table for the X-axis only. "This design, which is superior to a moving table / fixed column design, allows for maximum rigidity, better accuracy and full support of the table over the complete X-axis travel," said the spokesperson. The moving column design eliminates the need for outriggers or outboard supportive ways to support high table loads. The X-axis is fully supported by the base with no table overhang. The machine features precision ground and induction-hardened box ways in the XYZ axes. All mating surfaces are coated with Turcite-B and hand scraped for fit. Large (2.0") diameter pre-tensioned ball screws and servomotors provide accurate positioning.

The standard 6,000 RPM 50 taper spindle is designed to provide robust performance throughout the RPM range. The 35 HP main motor with two-speed gear drive provides enhanced cutting performance at any spindle speed. The spindle and gearbox are oil-cooled for minimal thermal growth. Standard features includes a heavy-duty 40 tool arm type ATC that is stand-alone and separated from the machine for easy maintenance, a chip removal system consisting of four screw type conveyors (two parallel with the Z-axis, two parallel with the X-axis), a high volume coolant system, full machine enclosure guarding to contain all chips and coolant, and a combination 63" x 32" flat table with a 32" (800 mm) .001° full B-axis built-in rotary table. X-axis longitudinal travel is 63" (72", 79", 118" optional), Y-axis vertical travel is 50" and Z-axis column travel is 40".

You Ji 5-Axis Vertical Mill/Turn Multitasking Machine

The new You Ji VMT-800 mill/turn multitasking machine can perform vertical turning operations as well as five-face milling operations in one set-up.

The heavy duty moving column design features heavy cast iron construction and rigid box ways. The 20 HP 50-taper B-axis head allows for vertical/horizontal milling for one set-up machining. Maximum swing diameter of the workpiece is 1,100 mm (43.3") and maximum turning height is 900 mm (35.43"). A C-axis table provides five-sided machining.

Axis travels are +/- 550 mm (+/- 22") in X, 1,100 mm (43.3") in Y, and 1,200 mm (47.2") in Z. A 35 HP spindle motor drives the standard 32" hydraulic chuck and provides 1,500 ft-lbs. of turning torque. FANUC CNC controls are standard.

AccuteX GE Wire EDM

The AccuteX GE (Great Economy) wire EDM machines offer high cutting speed and accuracy. The line features automatic wire threading (AWT) that provides fast submerged rethreading at the break point. When wire breakage occurs, rethreading takes place without dielectric drainage/refilling, resulting in spark-to-spark times as low as 15 seconds. An air-driven wire removal system disposes of waste wire.

The GE machines are capable of 33.5 sq. in. per hour cutting speeds using 0.012" high-speed wire, and the AccuteX SD (Stable Discharge) Master-powered servo control system enhances accuracy, repeatability and surface finish while minimizing the possibility of wire breakage. The AccuteX Intelligent Discharge Unit is engineered to maximize performance in changing workpiece thicknesses and water flushing conditions. A digital AC power supply facilitates high-speed, electrolysis-free machining.

The in-house-developed AccuteX controller features Automatic Corner Control that analyzes cutting data, wire diameter, cutting angle and workpiece thickness to automatically determine parameters that will maintain the best corner cutting performance from roughing to finishing operations.

The GE machines' 6-axis controller includes Z-axis positioning and 5-axis simultaneous interpolation to enable processing of any turn and burn application. An in-house-designed rotary table and controller can be applied to both vertical and horizontal applications.

For more information contact:

Courtney Ortner

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc.

7420 Industrial Parkway

Lorain, OH 44053

800-852-7825 / 440-960-6911

IMTS 2016 Booth S-8536

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