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Circular Pitch Metric Racks & Pinions

KHK USA Inc., distributor of the KHK brand of metric gears, has announced its extensive line of Premium Circular Pitch Racks & Pinions, manufactured to high quality standards by Kohara Gear Industry Co. of Japan. KHK's large selection of CP Racks & Pinions, available in many materials and configurations, are suitable for a wide range of applications where very accurate positioning in linear motion is required.

KHK CP Racks & Pinions are engineered to simplify the application design process, so that a specific number of revolutions of the gear will result in an exact distance of translation on the gear rack. Circular pitch is defined as module/pi. For example, a circular pitch of CP5 would equate to a pitch of 5 mm, and for a 20-tooth pinion, one revolution would result in 100 mm of travel.

From the many available materials and configurations, the KHK USA online catalog makes it easy to find the best solution for each particular application. Using the menu-driven interface, simply specify the required attributes, such as circular pitch, pitch diameter, number of teeth and length of the rack.

Among the options are hardened ground alloy steel racks and spur gears for enhanced strength and precision and thermal refined components for greater abrasion resistance. Tapered racks and pinions allow the backlash to be adjusted. Long length metal flexible racks can be cut continuously and are bendable to a contour. Stainless steel racks and gears are suitable for food machinery due to SUS304 material's rust-resistant quality.

One unique feature of the CP racks is that most are supplied with finished ends. This type of production allows for multiple racks to be butted end-to-end to produce one continuous length of rack.

Many KHK products allow for secondary operations, such as reduction of the length, the adding of tapped holes or the application of heat treatment. The catalog also includes products that have already had some of these secondary operations completed. These products are identified by a "J" in their part number and they are available within 10 calendar days.

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