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12-Axis Multislide CNC Screw Machine

Absolute Machine Tools offers the LICO LNT51S-S4 12-axis multislide CNC screw machine as an alternative to aging screw machines.

"Multislide CNC screw machines can outperform conventional CNC lathes and even CAM-operated screw machines," said a company spokesperson. "Not only are the LICO machines fast, but they address many of the factors that make CAM-operated screw machines challenging, such as aging machines, lack of skilled labor, maintenance issues, safety standards and more."

The LICO LNTS series of 12-axis CNC screw machines feature multiple overlapping slides that can meet or exceed machining speed, quality and versatility found in CAM-driven machines, the company reported. Each machine in the series can use up to five tools simultaneously in the cut, and each slide is capable of full 2-axis servo-controlled travel.

Every LNTS unit comes standard with a turret-mounted pickoff counter-spindle and a gang platform with three backworking tools. The 8-position main turret position utilizes VDI-30 toolholders and can accept live tooling in any position. Spindle sizes range from 36 mm (1.4") to 65 mm (2.55"). Every unit comes equipped with a 1,000 PSI high pressure oil/water coolant pump and toolholders for all cross-slides and turret positions, including two radial and two axial live tools. Every model offers an optional eight position static backworking turret.

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