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Deep Hole Drilling Systems

Sunnen SHD series automates skiving and roller burnishing

Sunnen Products Company offers the SHDD Series deep hole drilling solution. These heavy-duty machines are designed to handle high-capacity production of drill collars, drill pipes, submersible pumps, hydraulic components, ship rotor shafts, landing gear, turbine shafts, cannon barrels and more.

"The versatile SHDD series can achieve tight diameter control, straightness and superior surface finish in a variety of workpiece materials from aluminum to super alloys," said a company spokesperson. Available in 2 m, 4 m and 6 m part length capacity models, the deep-hole drilling system can handle solid drilling from .8" to 5.0" (19 mm to 127 mm) and up to 7.0" (178 mm) for counterboring or trepanning.

As part of development of the SHDD series, Sunnen partnered with Midwest Precision Manufacturing-experts in deep-hole drilling, gun drilling and honing. The team from Midwest Precision provided up front design input from the customer's viewpoint. A SHDD-4500 has been installed at the Midwest facility in Fredonia, WI, to provide further real-world input for refinement of the machine and continued development of drilling applications.

"This design approach demonstrates our commitment to develop the best deep-hole system on the market," said Phil Hanna, Machine Product Manager, Sunnen. "We are unique among deep-hole drilling manufacturers in that we provide a complete solution from machines to tooling, drive bars, cutting inserts, pads, coolant systems and coolant. The primary focus of our design team has been to reduce machine set-up and changeover time. Our controls engineering team has worked to develop user friendly intuitive control screens. Our goal is to create an easy-to-use, heavy-duty deep hole drilling solution that will operate reliably for many years."

The SHDD series standard configuration includes features such as part counter rotation, ballscrew driven tool feed, rack-and-pinion-driven pressure head, Beckhoff PLC control with 394 mm (15") color touchscreen on a moveable slide, combination light curtain/fencing safety system and a 1,650-gallon (6,245-liter) coolant system with a chiller and four 10-micron bag filter units. Options include: fixed tool/part rotation, pull boring capability with a lantern chuck, front chip exhaust, large bore workpiece pressure head with 7" (178 mm) capability, four-jaw chucks, remote process monitoring, part barcode scanning capability and a camera at chip exit to allow for process optimization from the operator station.

Sunnen's BTA deep-hole drilling tool and accessories include: solid drilling tools, trepanning tools, counter boring/reaming tools, bottom forming tools, deep-hole machining oil, cutting inserts and guide pads.

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