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Switch Between Two Controls on a Single Machine

An ACU-RITE adapter enables a bridge from an ACU-RITE CNC control to a HEIDENHAIN control on the same machine. This product bridges the gap to bring an ACU-RITE control user to the next step, an entry-level HEIDENHAIN TNC 320 control, all on the same machine tool.

"This system from HEIDENHAIN's ACU-RITE brand is especially useful for shop owners who want to easily upgrade their machine already equipped with an ACU-RITE MILLPWR control to the next-step HEIDENHAIN TNC 320 or to switch between both controls such as in teaching environments at trade schools and in machine shops," said a company spokesperson.

The PCBA was developed to allow ACU-RITE controls users to define and order a TNC 320 for small machine tool applications (i.e., VMC with tool changer) as a simple upgrade. This system includes the PCBA adapter, a TNC 320 control and a complete AC package (motors, drives and electrical cabinet).

Two options are available:

  • Kit style: For a user who has an ACU-RITE bed mill kit installed on a machine and they want to add the flexibility of the HEIDENHAIN TNC 320, the interface PCBA adapter can accommodate the functionality by using the back-end ACU-RITE components. The use could be educational where most instructing is done on the ACU-RITE MILLPWR or TURNPWR control but there is a need to show advance functionality of the TNC 320. This allows users to become experienced with HEIDENHAIN entry-level controls.
  • OEI: This is the console-only option that a builder can integrate into the machine using ACU-RITE's back-end components. This can be used for CNC ready machines that have older controls and the end user wants to upgrade.

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