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Gun Drill Automation with FANUC M-710iC Industrial Robot

Precihole GVN Series Gun Drilling Machine

Absolute Machine Tools recently demonstrated gun drilling with automated loading and unloading of gun barrels. The automated gun barrel cell consisted of a Precihole GVN Series Single-Axis 4-Spindle CNC Gun Drill and FANUC M-710iC industrial robot.

The GVN Series Gun Drilling Machines are engineered specifically to manufacture high-precision parts for small-caliber gun barrels. Sold under the Precihole brand, these gun drill models are available in five models - the GVN06, GVN08, GVN12, GVN25 and GVN 40 - and can be customized to meet high-volume requirements. They are available with one to four spindles, ranging from 2 HP to 20 HP, depending on the model, for exceptional straightness, surface finish and bore tolerance. Length-to-diameter ratios of up to 125 are possible with this system. Drill speed range is 0" to 40" per minute.

The FANUC M-710iC industrial robot has 6-axes and can hold up to 50 kg maximum payload. Repeatability is +/- 0.03 mm and can be mounted to the floor, upside down or at an angle. The FANUC M-710iC robot has a maximum reach of 2,050 mm and is built to handle long heavy material because of its smart wrist design, having motors and other electrical elements typically built into the wrist area mounted instead in the shoulder or J3 of the robot.

The GVN Series makes use of counter rotation and ball screw and servo drives to provide linear motion for straightness during drilling. Spindle speeds range from 1,000 to 12,000 RPM, depending on the model. The GVN06C model features an ultra-high speed precision motorized spindle. Multiple tool steady rests result in solid tube support. Optional Hydraulic Cone/Self-Centering Chucks are available for proper part clamping. With maximum drilling depths of 12", 16"/24"/40"/48" and 16"/24"/40", relative to the machine being used. All models use a high-pressure coolant and fine filtration system to ensure clean machining while an oil chiller and automation lubrication make sure tools are running smoothly.

"The FANUC M-710iC industrial robot is best used in applications, such as assembly, arc welding, spot welding, pick/pack/palletizing, load transfer, material removal and dispensing," according to an Absolute Machine Tools spokesperson. "The large range this robot provides including its 50 Kg payload capacity makes this robot a smart choice for any gun barrel manufacturer swinging long heavy blanks and finished barrels in and out of the machine."

Nicole Conrad, Chief Marketing Officer, Absolute Machine Tools, said: "Increased demand for gun barrel production worldwide has continued to compound. Precihole is well-known for their high-precision gun drilling machines, so combining the GVN Series into an automated cell using the FANUC M-710iC robot expands and increases gun barrel production, meeting the needs of gun manufacturers drilling for small- and large-caliber gun barrels."

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