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Center Align Drills on CNC Multispindles

INDEX has announced its new CenterMaster accessory. As part of the company's sustained investment in R&D focused on streamlining the set-up and changeover process for CNC multispindle lathes, CenterMaster reduces the time needed to align a drill by up to 90%, the company reported.

"Previously, center alignment of a drill required specialized knowledge by the operator and a challenging, manual process that could take up to 30 minutes per holder," said a company spokesperson. "With CenterMaster, the user simply clamps a radio dial gauge into the workspace and sets it to the quill. The gauge and machine wirelessly communicate, automatically adjusting the holder along the X-axis. The system then guides the operator through adjusting the Y-axis via the machine's touchscreen display."

The CenterMaster system allows operators with no specialized knowledge or experience to set up a drill in two to three minutes. Additionally, it provides a repeatable accuracy of <5 µm.

"Over the past several years, we have introduced multiple innovations to make CNC multispindles more flexible," said Cris Taylor, President and CEO of INDEX. "We had already taken a lot of the time out of set-ups and changeovers via presetting and our quick clamping system with W-serration locating. CenterMaster eliminates another time-consuming aspect of set-ups, so that customers can truly optimize their machine utilization."

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