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Waterjet Cutting Versatility and Precision

OMAX Corporation will showcase its OMAX 80X JetMachining Center with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head. "Visitors will experience how the versatility and high precision of OMAX waterjets make them a complement or alternative to other conventional cutting machines," said a company spokesperson.

Designed to accommodate large or multiple part jobs, the 80X can cut virtually any material with no heat affected zone (HAZ). "With a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head, the 80X can create tight tolerance, taper-free parts, even from thick materials that are difficult or impossible to cut with other cutting methods," said the spokesperson.

Attendees can watch live cutting demonstrations and see how waterjets cut without heat to produce parts with smooth edges that require no secondary finishing operations. Visitors can also see software demonstrations. The Intelli-MAX Premium control software is compatible with more than 90 different file formats, including all major CAD program file types, plus graphics file formats such as .jpg, .gif, and .png files. This means almost any 2-D or 3-D part file can be imported directly into the OMAX software and turned into a real part.

Application specialists will be on hand to address cutting, part and programming questions. Waterjet experts will be able to help determine the ideal machine to meet cutting needs. Certified technicians will be available to answer questions about machine maintenance.

For more information contact:

OMAX Corporation

21409 72nd Ave. South

Kent, WA 98032

800-838-0343 / 253-872-2300

WESTEC Booth 1115

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