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Advanced Manufacturing Tools

Allied Machine & Engineering will highlight the Wohlhaupter VarioBore and the GEN3SYS XT Pro line of high penetration drilling products and will demonstrate how Allied tools increase productivity, reduce manufacturing time and minimize scrap.

Wohlhaupter Boring Tools

Allied will showcase two modular Wohlhaupter tooling systems, which are manufactured in Germany. Wohlhaupter is now part of Allied's holemaking and finishing solutions.

The Wohlhaupter VarioBore precision boring head is a versatile boring tool designed to improve aerospace manufacturing productivity through ease and accuracy of adjustment. The VarioBore has a removable digital display called the 3E Tech, which allows users to easily read diameter adjustments while the tool is still in the machine spindle. Since only one digital display is needed for multiple VarioBores, the 3E Tech improves accuracy while saving money. With a diameter range of .016" - 5.985" and adjustment accuracy held to .0001" (.002 mm) on diameter, the VarioBore provides versatility and precision. Although the 3E Tech digital display makes reading adjustment easy, the VarioBore can be used without it and adjustments can be read on the Vernier dial screw. The VarioBore is designed to be used with counterweights that allow operators to run up to 27,500 RPM, giving machinists improved finishes and reduced production time.

Another product to be featured is the Wohlhaupter 565 (564), designed for finishing precision bores. The self-balancing technology utilizes an internal counterweight that moves with every diameter adjustment made. An integrated digital display with accuracy of .0001" (.002 mm) makes diameter adjustment accurate and efficient. The six series provides a boring range of 1.968" - 8.071", making the 565 (564) boring head the smallest to have this technology.

Tools for Challenging Applications

Allied will highlight the new GEN3SYS XT Pro line of high penetration drilling products, which features holders and inserts with three unique geometries and two advanced coatings. Visitors will see the holder's enhanced flute design engineered to improve chip evacuation, as well as an updated coolant configuration that increases flow and directs additional coolant to the cutting zone. The GEN3SYS XT Pro is an option for rough drilling clevis holes in aerospace landing gear applications and for other advanced manufacturing applications.

The T-A PCD special geometry insert was specifically designed to withstand strong and highly abrasive materials, such as CFRP materials that are frequently used in aerospace and other high precision industries. They were originally developed for the aerospace industry to provide improvements in life and performance in CFRP materials used in lightweight wings and fuselages.

The T-A Drill series features a replaceable tip design, allowing users to replace only the insert when it has worn out. Allied representatives will be available to discuss how this reduces production costs over time.

The Original T-A holder with wear pads, often used for manufacturing aerospace hydraulic manifolds, will also be featured. Known as the Stealth Drill, this tool is an option for drilling the largest hole in manifolds. Special flat bottom inserts can also be used with the same holder to create a form in the bottom of the hole.

Other tools on display include the AccuPort 432 port contour cutter, which enables users to drill and finish port forms in one operation; the APX Drill, which offers a carbide clad wearing surface to ensure alignment and stability, and enhanced hole finishing made possible by ALVAN replaceable head reamers.

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