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Compacto Base Holder

EXSYS Tool, Inc. will feature its EXSYS Compacto base holder, a system designed to reduce set-up and tool change times for most CNC turning centers.

EXSYS Compacto is available in C3, C4, C5 and C6 sizes and is suitable for all standard PSC (Capto) adapters.

"When compared to traditional base holders, the EXSYS Compacto connection interface offers more available space and clearance, even for larger workpieces," said a company spokesperson. "It also offers improved torque transmission and rigidity for increased tool accuracy. The EXSYS Compacto's polygon shape connection further adds to its high precision and quick-change ability while on-line or off-line."

A built-in release mechanism on the outer diameter of the EXSYS Compacto's spindle provides operator accessibility. Operators can lock and unlock the adapters with a small torque key for tool changes. The automatic ejection of the adapters further increases the speed and efficiency of tool exchanges. The EXSYS Compacto is available for all older model machines and current model machines.

For more information contact:

EXSYS Tool, Inc.

11654 Corporate Lake Blvd.

San Antonio, FL 33576

800-397-9748 / 352-588-4345

WESTEC Booth 935

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