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Zero Floor Space Required to Keep Machine Coolant Clean

KELLER PFA-0507 mounted to machine tool

KELLER TKO-6 / CLO-1 mounted to machine tool

Keller Products has introduced the compact PFA-0507 dedicated pump/filter unit for removing chips and fines from coolant on a continuous basis. This compact system can be mounted directly to the machine tool. The PFA-0507 can recirculate up to 10 GPM and filter down to 1 micron.

If tramp oil removal is required, the Keller TKO-6 unit can be combined with the CLO-1 magnetic mounting bracket. The TKO-6 system can handle up to 180 GPH. It will filter out floating chips as well as remove tramp oil. The patented tramp oil separator can be run whether the machine tool is running or is idle.

Both systems utilize a rugged 1/2" air diaphragm pump. All that is required to run these systems is a 1/4" compressed air line. There are no electrical connections required.

For more information contact:

Jonathan Strauss, Vice President

Keller Products, Inc.

180 Middlesex St. N

Chelmsford, MA 01863-2028

800-352-8422 / 978-264-1911

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