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Direct Metal AM Machine

OR LASER has introduced ORLAS CREATOR, a new industrial direct metal additive (AM) manufacturing machine developed for small and medium enterprises.

"The ORLAS CREATOR features a contemporary design, a build platform that is original in design and functionality, and an innovative blade design that ensures smooth operation and increased build speeds that produce parts up to 30% faster than equivalent systems," said a company spokesperson. "Moreover, parts produced on the ORLAS CREATOR offer resolution comparable with higher spec machines on the market."

In terms of safe operation in smaller facilities, the ORLAS CREATOR utilizes an open cartridge materials handling system. OR LASER has also worked on developing the right operating ecosystem for the ORLAS CREATOR, with software and interface developments. This means that no third party software is required to run the machine. In fact, OR LASER intentionally minimizes dependence on third parties across its operations - the company is not a machine integrator, but rather a machine producer with more than 80% of the hardware produced in house.

For more information contact:

O.R. Lasertechnology Inc.

1420 Howard Street

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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