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Oil-Based Rust Preventative Fluid

Lincoln Electric's RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid, an oil-based fluid, provides up to six months of indoor corrosion protection by preventing rust on ferrous metals, while not adversely impacting the welding process.

RP6 is a solution for welding applications in heavy fabrication, automotive, steel storage and agriculture - any welding application where raw materials may be subject to corrosion prior to welding.

A third party testing has verified RP6's weldability. Coated metal samples were welded, scored and X-rayed. The analysis determined that the use of RP6 did not result in any contributable instances of welding-related defects. Metals treated with RP6 require minimal cleaning prior to welding.

The chemical makeup of RP6 results in increased productivity, as well as time and cost savings. After applying RP6, there is no need to grind, shot blast or chemically clean the joint prior to welding. "The thin film coating of RP6 requires less product applied per square foot when compared with competing brands," said a company spokesperson.

Ready-to-use, RP6 can be dipped, sprayed or brushed onto ferrous metals. Lincoln Electric offers RP6 in 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails.

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