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Microlution ML-5 Ultrafast Laser Micro Machining Platform

GF Machining Solution has introduced one of the most recent additions to its product line, the Microlution ML-5 ultrafast laser micro machining platform, at the company's Solution Days open house at the GF Machining Solutions U.S. Headquarters in Lincolnshire, IL.

The ML-5 is capable of machining minute features with micron-level accuracy and repeatability in a 24/7 manufacturing environment. Because ultrafast lasers can machine without creating a Heat Affected Zone (HAZ), they are capable of achieving tolerances not possible with some thermal machining processes. The absence of thermal damage also eliminates post-processing in many applications, further accelerating cycle times.

The ML-5 has been adopted for several critical applications in automotive, medical and consumer product manufacturing, including:

  • Drilling automotive fuel injectors nozzles, where by manipulating hole dimensions, designers are able to create spray patterns that result in more efficient combustion with less fuel to boost engine efficiency
  • Machining medical catheter tips that are able to deliver liquid to cool heart tissue during ablation procedures to avoid unnecessary burning and scarring
  • Cutting the hardened glass used by mobile device displays that can be machined without forcing micro cracks that impair the structural integrity of the display
  • Machining intricate watch gears that must be able to interact in order to keep perfect time.

To create a precision part when machining at micron-level feature sizes requires the part and the laser to be perfectly aligned. The ML-5 features 5-axis of motion for beam flexibility, a granite foundation for stability, integrated part characterization and verification to ensure repeatability and glass scale encoders to ensure positional accuracy.

The ML-5 can also be configured with an integrated mechanical mill to enable larger features to be machined with ultrafast laser quality. The mill can be used to rough out features larger than a laser can machine, and the laser is used to finish the part with superior surface and edge quality.

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