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Advanced Lubricants for Advanced Manufacturing

Hangsterfer's has developed S-787, a REACH-compliant, non-hazardous cutting fluid designed to increase surface quality and extend tool life.

S-787 is designed for machining in the toughest applications and eliminates common problems such as foam, residue and staining. "Third-party testing facilities have verified that S-787 extends tool life, reduces cutting forces and improves surface quality by at least 40% over the competition," said Jones. S-787 accomplishes this through its chemical makeup and was designed with the complicated machining process in mind. At the micro level, the formulation of S-787 fills in gaps and reduces oxides in aluminum, alloy steels and titanium applications. It is also a low-consumption lubricant that extends sump life. "Many cutting fluids need to be changed at least every six months, but S-787 can stay in the machine for two years or more, depending on the application. These qualities contribute to cost savings over time," said a company spokesperson.

The most advanced metalworking lubricants no longer require costly additives. Instead, products like S-787 are designed to be bio-hard at the molecular level. The chemical makeup of S-787 prevents the growth of dangerous and costly bacteria and fungi, so that no biocides or fungicides need to be added to the machine. This equates to less down time, and again greater efficiency.

Because the manufacturing industry is facing increasing scrutiny from national and international regulatory bodies, Hangsterfer develops its products to be safe for workers and for the environment. S-787 is a bio-renewable product and is REACh, RoHS, SCAQMD and VOC compliant. Under the new GHS regulations, product safety data sheets are required to show pictograms for all hazardous materials. S-787 is free of all hazardous pictograms including the health hazard pictogram depicted as an exploding body.

S-787 has a variety of applications and is especially good for aluminum, composites, nickel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, tungsten, zirconium and their alloys. It also holds a long list of aerospace and medical approvals.

Authored by Nicolette Jones, International Business Development Manager

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