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Update to 10 and 30 Watt Turn-Key Laser Marking Systems

Automated Laser's AutoLase CSG2-10 and CSG2-30 are complete turn-key CO2 laser marking systems. CO2 marks a variety of materials and is capable of producing engraved, raised and contrasting marks. Because it is self-contained, little more than a 120-volt power cord is needed to run the AutoLase CSG2-10 or CSG2-30.

Automated Laser incorporated several new features, making integration into customers' existing processes much easier. The new user I/O allows the systems to stand on their own without needing an additional PLC or PC to control them. They connect to standard 4 in / 4-out I/O ports to sensors, solenoid valves, step motors or other devices, thus allowing the CSG2-10 or CSG2-30 to act as their own cell controller. With the latest upgrades, they can be set up to mark on multiple sides of a component, mark on the entire circumference of circular parts, perform a simple inspection before marking or even control a simple assembly process, if desired.

It is easy to integrate the CSG2-10 or CSG2-30 into a PLC or PC based system because the I/O is user configurable for either NPN or PNP signals. With every system, Automated Laser includes a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

With the optional mark-on-the-fly feature, operators can use a low-cost rotary or linear encoder to monitor the process for changing speeds and still maintain a quality mark. When marking parts on conveyors, index dials or moving transports, speed changes are not an issue for the CSG2-10 or CSG2-30.

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