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Bio-Renewable Industrial Parts Cleaning Systems

Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, has launched three new bio-renewable parts cleaning systems.

CleanBox is available in three sizes to meet different requirements, ranging from the medium-sized CleanBox Compact S, the larger CleanBox Maxi and super-sized CleanBox Mega. The Compact S and Maxi are available in heated versions to increase cleaning efficiencies, and non-heated versions for use at room temperature. The systems' robust bodies are designed to withstand rugged manufacturing environments. The CleanBox Mega is designed to handle extremely large parts or to facilitate cleaning multiple large parts at once. The system includes a foot pedal activation flow-through brush with a funneled hose to supply cleaning product while brushing.

"Designed specifically for use with Bio-Circle's water-based cleaning agents CB 100 and CB 100 ALU, the CleanBox parts washers enable companies to cost-effectively replace toxic solvents with a safer alternative and improve cleaning efficacy in virtually any type of MRO shop or production process," said a company spokesperson.

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Walter Surface Technologies

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