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Advanced Fiber Laser Technology

MC Machinery Systems' eX-F Series laser with Zoom Fiber Head technology is available with an 8 kW resonator. It has the same previous machine design and technology, but with more power.

"The Zoom Head automatically adjusts across a focal range that exceeds traditional lenses, providing the optimal spot size for every material type and process," said a company spokesperson. It also has the ability to adjust the focus between a 3.75" - 10" focal length.

"In testing, the eX-F has demonstrated advantages over conventional CO2 lasers in medium and thick plate processing in terms of time and cost," said the spokesperson. "With Zoom Head technology, there are no cartridges to exchange or lenses to clean or replace, improving consistency."

MC Machinery's eX-F Series lineup enables 10% to 45% improved cutting speed, improved quality and thickness range cutting mild steel with nitrogen, faster piercing in thick steel and powerful controls with standard features like automatic focusing and two-action processing.

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