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Economical Processing of Sheet and Plate Material

Bystronic has introduced the newest generation of the BySprint Fiber laser cutting system, expanding the basic version of the machine with an extended performance package and new design. Its dynamic lines and a larger operator touchscreen panel distinguish the new BySprint Fiber. In addition, Bystronic is expanding the basic version of the BySprint Fiber with three additional functions: Detection Eye, Power Cut and Observer.

The Detection Eye function supports users during the cutting preparations. Using a camera system on the cutting bridge, Detection Eye is designed to recognize the precise position of the loaded metal sheet in just a few seconds. This automatic edge detection function allows the set-up time to be reduced by up to 17 seconds - with every sheet. In addition, the high-precision measurement helps ensure precise cutting results right to the outermost edges of the metal sheet.

With Power Cut, Bystronic is increasing the cutting spectrum of the 6 kW version of the BySprint Fiber. The function enables fine cutting quality with sheet metal thicknesses up to 1.180". Power Cut Fiber also increases the range of thicknesses that can be processed with applications in non-ferrous metals, aluminum and mild steel. When equipped with Power Cut Fiber, the BySprint Fiber can cut brass up to a thickness of 5/8", mild steel up to 1.0", aluminum and stainless up to 1.180".

The Observer provides users with a direct link to the BySprint Fiber. Using web-enabled devices, such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones, the Observer makes it possible to access information about the production processes of the BySprint Fiber - regardless of time and location. The Observer is a camera-supported remote monitoring system, which provides information that allows orders to be calculated reliably and efficiently. This enables unscheduled idle times to be minimized and deviations from the planned time per part to be reduced.

Bystronic BySprint Fiber's portfolio now includes a Fiber 2000, Fiber 3000, Fiber 4000 or Fiber 6000 laser source. The higher power increases the BySprint Fiber's cutting speed in the thin to medium range sheet metal thickness. Depending on the type of material and the sheet thickness, parts output can be increased by up to 400%. Equipped with Bystronic's ByTrans Extended automated material loading and unloading system, the BySprint Fiber 3015 and 4020 models can generate productive and efficient job flows. BySprint Fiber also offers energy savings and low operating and maintenance costs.

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