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Projector with Green Laser Diode Increases Production Reliability

LAP has expanded its product family of CAD-PRO laser projectors to include new models with a green laser diode. "The CAD-PRO LD green has a laser source with up to 30,000 hours of operating time - three times the service life of conventional DPSS laser modules," said a company spokesperson. In addition, the unit features optimal visibility of the projected laser lines, especially on dark surfaces.

The CAD-PRO LD green includes eight new additional versions of the CAD-PRO laser projectors marketed by LAP. LAP supplies the new CAD-PRO with green diode laser as Precision and High Precision units featuring power levels of 5 mW and 10 mW. The units of power class 5 mW meet the guidelines of laser class 2M. The units of power class 10 mW meet the guidelines of laser class 3B. The "Precision" units attain an accuracy of ±0.2 mm at one meter of projection distance, whereas the accuracy of the High Precision units is even better at ±0.1 mm per meter. Moreover, the green diode laser can be used for both unicolor and multicolor projections (multicolor: red + green + yellow). CAD-PRO models with conventional diode pumped solid state laser technology (DPSS) will continue to be available for purchase.

The long service life of the laser diode is an advantage of the CAD-PRO LD green. For additional safety, if the laser source fails, the laser projector can be fitted with a second green laser source for unicolor projections.

The new laser projector was developed and tested at the research and development department of LAP in Lüneburg, Germany. "The new versions of the CAD-PRO laser projectors have an even longer service life due to the new diode technology," said Matthias Lange, Product Manager in charge of CAD-PRO. "DPSS modules have a service life between 5,000 and 10,000 operating hours. By comparison, the green laser diode has a long life time of 30,000 operating hours. This has been confirmed in long-term tests that were conducted in our cold and heat chambers at temperatures ranging from -10 to +40 °C."

The green projection color also has benefits in applications in which laser lines or contours need to be projected onto a dark background. Green laser lines are much more readily visible than red ones on dark, wet or patterned surfaces. The green diode (520 nm wavelength) possesses comparably high electrical/optical efficiency. Compared to the DPSS module (532 nm wavelength), the lush dark green hue of the diode laser is readily visible and is perceived as pleasant by the human eye. Green is the first choice in projections from a great distance as well. This applies specifically to objects such as rotor blades of wind turbines, since the laser projectors are often installed at great height in the factory halls. Another benefit of the CAD-PRO LD green: the laser projector made by LAP can be focused, meaning that the focus can be adjusted by remote control as a user-friendly feature.

The new CAD-PRO LD green was developed based on the CAD-PRO laser projectors. Users include corporations from the aerospace industry, automotive industry and shipbuilding industry producing components from composite materials. CAD-PRO laser projectors have also been in use for many years in rotor blade manufacturing for wind turbines, production of ready-mixed concrete parts and in stone and wood processing. "The demand for the new projectors is extensive already at the time of market launch. Many repeat customers are enthusiastic about the new development and express their interest in the green diode technology," Ralf Müller-Polyzou said. "But the new laser projector has very interesting potential uses also for new customers and branches of industry that do not yet utilize laser projection for visual support in their work. The laser projection systems digitalize the workflow and thus make a major contribution to increasing the quality and efficiency of the production process."

"The compact projector is very easy to install and handle. Likewise, the switch to the new CADPRO LD green can be made easily, since the models possess identical geometries, brackets and power supplies and can be combined into a system with existing CAD-PRO projectors," said Matthias Lange. The models are backward compatible with all versions of the PRO-SOFT laser projection software from LAP. Different laser colors and laser power levels can be configured individually to suit the application of interest.

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