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Laser Profiler for Accurate Part Dimension Verification

Cognex Corporation has introduced the In-Sight Laser Profiler, a measurement system that verifies part dimensions. "Cognex vision tools, accurate object detection and the EasyBuilder interface make the new profiler an intuitive and reliable tool for obtaining height, gap, position and angle measurements and detecting defects on the factory floor," said a company spokesperson.

Part profile verifications are used across a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics, consumer products and food and beverage, to ensure parts are manufactured within specified tolerances. Slight dimensional variations can adversely affect product quality, consumer safety and brand integrity. The In-Sight Laser Profiler identifies these issues before they reach customers.

"Our customers have been asking for an easy-to-use laser profiler," said Joerg Kuechen, Senior Vice President, Vision Products at Cognex. "The In-Sight Laser Profiler combines an easy-to-use interface and the VC200 vision controller, along with the accuracy and dependability of our 3-D laser displacement technology. Anyone who knows how to use a 2-D In-Sight system can set up a laser profiler application within minutes."

By allowing users to set up inspection applications in a few easy steps, this new measurement system eliminates complexity. Additionally, production line activity can be monitored from anywhere on the factory floor using a web-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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