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New Chairman and CEO of Acieta

Acieta has appointed Robert "Robby" Komljenovic as the new Chairman and CEO. Originally born and educated in Germany, Komljenovic has 25 years of experience in the machine tool systems industry in roles such as engineering, sales, sales management and executive leadership.

"Robby's teambuilding and accountability management style is a great fit in this very dynamic industry," said Kent Lorenz, retiring Acieta CEO. "He has proven team leadership skills and business development expertise in the manufacturing systems marketplace. He will continue to lead Acieta's relentless drive to deliver cutting-edge automation systems that make manufacturing businesses more competitive in both local and global markets."

In his new role, Komljenovic plans to emphasize the use of robots to ensure safe work environments, improve customer productivity and prevent labor shortages.

"Automation, and specifically robot tending, can be found in every aspect of life," Komljenovic said. "From the traditional machine load/unload assistance in manufacturing, to construction material processing and packaging logistics, applications are endless. It is our responsibility and duty to limit human exposure to dangerous and hazardous tasks by increasing the use of reliable robots. Here at Acieta, we follow our passion to create a better quality of life in the workplace for our customers. As partners, we position them to become even more attractive places to work at and create a positive future for businesses growth and job security for their employees."

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